Information on the products handled in our shop and the transaction conditions.

 [About the Malaysian DVD Version] 
FINAS (National Film Development Corporation Malaysia), the central government agency of the Malaysian film industry.  The official DVD version with hologram issued is purchased and sold directly from the manufacturer licensed by the institution. 
 [DVD standard] 
 ・Image output method: NTSC 
 ・Region code: Region free 
 * Since it is not affected by the region code, it can be played on your own DVD player / PC / Prestation 
 [About Image Quality] 
The DVDs were compressed and recorded on DVD9 with titles before terrestrial digital broadcasting, the image quality is inferior with Japanese products. No need to worry, there is no hindrance to viewing.
 [About Audio] 
The products is based on the original Japanese voice. English and Chinese voices may be recorded at the same time. Audio recordings in two or more languages ​​can be viewed in English or Chinese with audio selection. Please check the audio on the back of the product package. 
 [About Subtitle Selection and Subtitle ON / OFF] 
Since it is a product manufactured on the assumption that it will be sold in Malaysia, subtitles can be selected from English, Malay, and Chinese.  Select subtitles on / off from the main menu setup. Please check the subtitles on the back of the product package. 
 [When Playback Failure Occurs] 
In rare cases with Malaysian DVD playback failure may occur, such as inability to play or freezing on the way. There are three main causes:
① is a board failure or initial failure  
② is poor reading due to the dirt of the player (this occurs because the sensitivity of the disc is poor compared to Japanese DVD) 
③ is compatibility with players 
If you cannot watch the disc, we will do disc exchange at free of charge if it is caused by ②③ after confirmation of playback. If it cannot be viewed, please contact us after confirming by watching it with multiple players in advance. 
 [About The Price of DVD] 
This site sells for around 1,500 to 5,000 yen. The version of Malaysia DVD is sold at a very reasonable price from one season recording to a complete box.  We are very pleased with our customers who value cost performance. 
 [About Shipping Method] 
After payment is confirmed, we will ship from our company (Malaysia) by international mail (with tracking).  Please allow up to 14 days from the initial date of delivery. 
 [About Shipping Cost]
The product price on this site is the price without shipping cost. The shipping cost is added 900 yen per product at the time of settlement and the payment amount is displayed.   
 [About Consumption Tax] 
Since this site is a cross-border site by a Malaysian corporation, it is purchased in Malaysia, so payment of consumption tax is unnecessary. 
 [About Discounts] 
10% discount for bundled shipments over 10,000 yen at a time. 
 [About Payment Methods] 
Paypal credit card in Japanese Yen (VISA / MASTER / JCB / American Express / Union Pay) or can be settled by bank transfer to Japan bank for Japanese site. 
Paypal credit card in USD (VISA / MASTER / JCB / American Express / Union Pay) or can be settled by bank transfer to Malaysia bank for English site.  
 [Inquiries About Products and This Site] 
If you want to inquire about products that are not listed on this site, you can contact the manufacturer for inquiries. Please feel free to contact us.

Contact Information:
Company name : Japapro International Sdn.Bhd.   
Tel          : +603-4041-0844
E-mail       :
Sales Manager: Kiew Yew 

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